The Cross of the Victory (10th century) photogrammetry - Asturias (Spain)



The cross was created , damaged, reconstructed, robbed ... and is part of the Asturian flag. This symbol is transcending its shape over centuries , being the most iconic, sacred and symbolic jewel of Asturias.


The Victory Cross is an early 10th century Asturian crux gemmata-jewelled cross, given by King Alfonso III of Asturias, who reigned from 866 to 910, to Cathedral of San Salvador of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). It was made in 908 in the Castle of Gauzón (Castrillón, Asturias).

According to legend, the primitive, undecorated wooden core of this cross was carried against the Muslims of al-Andalus by King Pelagius of Asturias at the Battle of Covadonga.

The ornate casing contains 152 gems and imitation gems. An inscription tells us that this casing was made at the Castle of Gauzón in Asturias in 908. Alfonso III donated this important Pre-Romanesque gold artifact to Cathedral of Oviedo to commemorate a hundred years of the Asturian kingdom’s victories and conquests.