Photogrammetry in La Havana, Vol I & II: Part of Neptuno street, Cuba / Grand Theate of La Havana


Located in La Havana, is one the longest streets in Cuba. Almost rectilinear in its whole structure, Its name comes from Neptuno font from 1797. Is one of the few transits where are concentrated hallways, wide courtyards and some gardens.


Is famous for appear in one of the most known Chachacha style song, “La Engañadora” (1948). It combines different architectural styles, from neoclassicism to art noveau.




Grand Theatre of La Havana



Also called García Lorca Auditorium, was the former Centro Gallego. Designed by the Belgian architect Paul Belau and the U.S. firm of Purdy and Henderson, Engineers, was paid for by the Galician immigrants of Havana to serve as a their community- social center in 1915.


Architect Paul Belau, kept the original 1838 theatre and built meeting rooms and ballrooms for the Centro Gallego, as well as additions that enlarged the support functions of the concert hall and introduced an elaborate system of circulation


The building is decorated with sculptures by Giuseppe Moretti, representing benevolence, education, music and theatre.