Laboral University, mid 20th century, Spain


Our biggest project: Universidad Laboral, Gijón - Spain

Work in progress - #Digitisation of one of the largest building complexes in Europe.

We will launch a #3d model in Sketchfab soon, in these difficult times, giving everyone the chance to visit this amazing complex.(There is still cleaning&optimisation tasks to be done)


What can i can say... it is a pleasure to process the data from this place, because I have great memories of it.

I studied the first experimental artistic high school in our region(1997- 1999) inside these wonderful halls, rooms and classrooms. Never before did I have the opportunity to walk through these kind of corridors, exploring and discovering secret places, closed parts while learning arts in such a wide architecture.


Loved by most of the citizens of #Gijón (its construction is controversial, promoted by the government after the civil war), it is going to be proposed as a #WorldHeritage Site, and it deserves to be, as an icon of this city.


This project is possible thanks to the precious cooperation of Topcon Positioning Spain and its professional devices, and the processing software Capturing Reality


Video created with Unity Technologies #HDRP


#photogrammetry #lidar #scan #architecture #heritage

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