Joaquin Sorolla's main studio, Madrid.



Months ago we carried out the #digitisation of the museum Casa Sorolla, specifically the main room, where Joaquin painted several artworks during his life in Madrid. It has been an unexpectedly valuable work, given the current situation. Thanks to new technologies, anyone can visit virtually this space and interact with its elements, while discovering an intimate space linked to Sorolla’s life.

The video has been obtained through a 3D model optimized for web and virtual reality devices such as Oculus Quest. (This is the Oculus Quest version)

We are happy to have contributed to a pioneering project still in development in Spain that opens a new door to a world full of possibilities, where the virtual visitor can immerse into Madrid popular spots through 360 3D video and also explore several #photogrammetry scenes.


This work has been made possible thanks to the support of IRALTA VR & AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION and the Madrid City Council and will be published soon.


Processed with Capturing Reality

Composed in Unity Technologies