Burgos heritage: Photogrammetry 2019 Chapel of the Condestable (XV Century) &

Sacristía Mayor (1765).



Photogrammetry 2019: The Chapel of The Condestable, the so called Cathedral inside a Cathedral:


The Chapel of the Condestable, part of Burgos Cathedral from the XV Century, was designed by Simón Cologne, for the Condestables: D Pedro Fernández de Velasco and Dª Mencía de Mendoza.

We can appreciate the intelligent design for obtain light inside of such high walls.

The sepulchres are the center, sculpted into marble by Felipe Vigarny, and the altarpieces are a collaboration between Felipe Vigarny and Gil de Siloe and his son, Diego.


We can highlight polychrome works of Leon Picardo, aswell as a painting from Leonardo DaVinci and one of his pupils.


Digitization through photogrammetry: Sacristía Mayor (year 1756) at Burgos Cathedral. - (By architect José de San Juan de la Cruz)


With a solid Rococo Baroque style, this space, full of forms and scenography, represents one of the latest creations in the Burgos Cathedral, along 18th century.


The special feature here consists in supporting a dome on a rectangular space. All the "horror vacui" scenes seem to be agitated by a gale.