During the first part of 2019, we had the opportunity to travel to Japan, and  we did several scans through the most urban and traditional hoods. The result was a production of 4 pieces where we inmerse in the beauty of vintage metropolitan streets an iconic back alleys in Tokyo.


The gear was very lightweight , with only a pair of DSLR cameras. Our goal was to capture the lighting, atmosphere and shapes

of the sites, and trying to transform them into a usable pieces for Standalone VR

 Zensho-ji Temple, Shinjuku.



Tokyo Scanning - Chapter 6: Rough photogrammetry model of Zensho-ji Temple, Shinjuku.



This site was a graceful discovery during a exploring walk in Shinjuku. So paceful, quiet... the perfect example of silent bubble in the middle of a such city as Tokyo.

It was designated as a historical site of Shinjuku Ward.


Daini Yamagaka was a military strategist and thinker in mid-Edo-period. He opened a school and taught Japanese classical literature and strategies. As he criticized Tokugawa shogunate, he was arrested and executed in 1767. His tomb is in the cemetery of this temple.

He left a work in various fields such as astronomy, music, medicine.


Processed with Capturing Reality and composed in Unity Technologies



SangenJaya at night


Tokyo scanning, Chapter 3 : Night #photogrammetry of a very interesting spot at Sangenjaya. We fall in love with that environment and tried to represent it.

So many happy people walking around this streets in which we met nice persons... SangenJaya is a magic place.


This Edit was created in Unity Technologies from a draft scene that is working with Oculus VR Quest.

Hope you enjoy it as we did there.




Sangenjaya Back Alleys labirynth


Tokyo scanning, Chapter 5 : Street #photogrammetry rough draft of 50s 60s back alleys at #Sangenjaya , Tokyo. This little labyrinth serves as short cut and #yokocho (at night)


3D Model is at 40% of total texture quality, but still looking good. Decimated from 730M to 1.2M.


Processed with Capturing Reality , composed withUnity Technologies





Sankaku Chitai


Tokyo scanning, Chapter 2 : Sankaku Chitai (三角地帯) #photogrammetry model draft.

This is a good example of a Yokocho alley, where lots of small pubs, cafes and restaurants are adjoined conforming an unique space.


Located in Setagaya ward, in south-west Tokyo, reminds the echoes of ancient times, when Sangenjaya was the point in which the pilgrimage route outside the city diverged in two ways. At that condition, it became a famous stop for refreshment and trading.